Choosing the right freight forwarders

Depending on specialisation

A reliable freight partner will have an extensive coverage of services, could be Forwarding, Moving, Messenger or Brokerage either by air, road, or sea . Through its experience & qualifications, he should be able to provide you with high quality service options & prices to meet your shipping needs, whether you move full ocean containers to Europe or air consols to Asia.

With local or international coverage

When looking to send goods, having an oversea partner enables you to overcome a number of barriers that may cause you difficulties in conducting your shipments right. Using local freight forwarders will provide knowledge required, through understanding of local customs, languages and cultural barriers.

Become member of top freight networks and associations

Joining a Freight network offers added services such as annual conferences, money protection, and in general promotes two way trafic between their members, by offering more competitive prices, as the network uses its volume to negotiate on behalf of its members.


Live Directory for carriers and freight forwarders

Finding the right freight partners may seem to a beginning forwarder to be much like finding a needle in a haystack.

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